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Looking For A Custom Deck Builder In Frederick MD?

When you contact Frederick Decks and Porches in your search for a Maryland custom deck builder, we will come to your home to provide a free deck build estimate. Whether you’re planning a deck, porch or sunroom design, we can help you with it all.

Our decades of experience in building entire homes, as Merson Builders, has given us the ability and confidence to undertake any size deck, porch or sunroom building project, whether it’s a multilevel deck, screened in sunroom or front porch to give your home fabulous curb appeal.

We Build Decks Of Any Size Or Design In Frederick MD.

We are not fazed by any building project and can advise you on all the design possibilities your outdoor space can offer. No matter what type of home you have, we are confident we can build you a deck that will give your home that ultimate lift. We are recommended as the preferred deck builder in Frederick MD. See our deck types page.

Measuring Your Deck And Designing The Perfect Outdoor Space.

After taking accurate measurements and photos of your home, we can then design your new deck using our design software. This can help you visualize how your new deck will look on your own home.

It makes it so much easier to imagine the new space and its dimensions with the furniture, your grill, and anything else you’d like to see, in a realistic representation.

Examples Of Our Deck Building Projects in Frederick MD.

We can show you examples of our previous deck and porch building projects from our portfolio and maybe give you some ideas you hadn’t thought of.

Choose Your Deck Building Materials

Have you decided whether to opt for a wood deck or a deck made of composite materials as manufactured by famous names like Trex, Timbertech, and Azek. The composite materials are a popular choice as they offer a low maintenance decking solution. 

By opting for low maintenance materials, you can be sure your deck will look fabulous decades after we have built it. We have more detailed information on our deck materials page.

Experienced Deck Contractor In Frederick.

We have 20 years of experience in building entire homes as well as decks, porches, and sunrooms, so we understand the value of adding attractive usable outdoor spaces such as decks and porches. And, we also have the construction knowledge that many handyman businesses may not.

The design aspect doesn’t have to stop with the simple deck square footage. There are many features that can give your deck that unique look. We know how to build an outside addition that will complement your home.

Customizable features like Pergolas, Gazebos, Planters, Rails, Stair designs, and color can all reflect your own personality.

If you’re looking for a deck builder in Frederick, or indeed a porch builder or contractor for your sunroom, call us today to see what we can do for you.

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Looking For Porch Design Ideas In Frederick?

Are you thinking of building a porch in your Frederick home? Frederick Decks and Porches, part of Merson Builders, have vast experience in building all kind of homes and additions, and we are located in Frederick MD.

We don’t only focus on being a deck builder in Frederick, we are here, ready and able to come to you and listen to the ideas you have for your porch and/or sunroom.

Call us to discuss all the possibilities available to match your budget. We want to help bring your vision of a new porch into reality.

What Type Of Porch Would You Like?

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What Are The Different Types Of Porches?

As with most things, there are several different options when it comes to types of porches.

A simple list includes:

  • The traditional Front Porch or Portico
  • Rear Open Porch with a Roof
  • Screened Porch to keep out the bugs
  • Closed-In Porch/Sunroom which can be used throughout all season

You could even have a porch that is not attached to your home, although, we would refer to this as a Pavilion.

You could design something that has components of more than one of these types. All of these Porch designs can have electrical outlets and fans, even plumbing etc.

In fact, they could have practically anything you desire to make it the perfect setting for entertaining.

Local Frederick Sunroom Contractor

Are you thinking how nice it would be to have more space in your Frederick home, but an open deck or porch is not quite what you need?

Maybe the solution would be a closed in porch i.e. a sunroom to expand the usable space and bring the outside inside?

A sunroom can offer multiple options. It can be used in the summer months as shaded “outdoor” space, and also during those cooler winter months with the addition of some heating.

If you’re not sure of all the options available for the sunroom you have been dreaming of, give us a call. As a local sunroom contractor with decades of experience, we’d be delighted to come and discuss your vision and help bring into reality.

With our design options, you will be able to clearly see how the new sunroom will look on your home and give you a feel of how it will expand the interior of your home.

A carefully conceived sunroom can literally become the focal point of your home. Your guests will be drawn towards the area flooded with light.

Converting a deck into a beautiful, inviting sunroom often adds tremendous value to a home.

Sunroom Contractor in Frederick MD

Do You Need More Space In Your Frederick Home?

So, you love your home, but it’s not quite big enough? Consider the possibility of adding a porch or sunroom. It may well be the perfect solution that helps you stay where you love and give you the additional space you need.

Currently, there are so few homes coming onto the market. So, if your home is suitable for the addition of a deck, or if you have a deck that you would like to convert into an enclosed space, give us a call and we can see how that can be achieved.

As an extremely experienced porch, sunroom, and deck builder in Frederick, we have seen it all. We know what can be done, and how to do it.

Many would-be deck builders are not knowledgeable enough to tackle deck building projects that become extensions of actual home.

It is always wise to request at least three estimates for any major project. Whichever contractor you choose, please make sure you are familiar with their previous work as well as checking they are licensed and insured.

Frederick Decks and Porches have gone that one step further by being bonded too.

Experienced Decking Contractor in Frederick MD
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