Porch built using Trex composite decking materials
Porch built using Trex composite decking materials

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Looking For A Custom Porch Builder in Frederick MD?

When you are trying to decide on a porch builder in Frederick MD, it is important to choose a contractor with a verifiable track record.

A porch or deck can make all the difference to the enjoyment of any home.

Be sure to contact us at Frederick Decks and Porches in your search for a contractor to build that special porch.

We will come and visit with you so that we get the best idea of what your vision is so that you can be confident you will have a porch or deck that will look fabulous and last for decades.

Whether you’re dreaming of porch, deck or screened-in sunroom, we can assist you with anything you have in mind.

We have decades of experience in constructing complete homes, as Merson Builders. This has given us the knowledge and ability and skills to undertake any type of outside space or addition. Whether it’s a deck on multiple levels or front porch out front to give your home that extra curb appeal, we’ve seen and pretty-much done it all.

We Build Porches Of Any Size Or Design In Frederick MD.

Not all deck builders have the genuine experience of constructing entire homes. The knowledge we bring from our extensive track record gives us the capability to identify what can and what maybe should not be done in any specific situation or location.

That said, often we can undertake a project that those with lesser experience might not be able to tackle.

We are not overwhelmed by any sized porch or deck project, and we can advise you on every aspect of the design idea the outside space of your home can suit.

It doesn’t matter what style of home, we are sure to build you a porch you will be proud of.

After all, your satisfaction is what our reputation is built on.

Measuring Your Porch And Designing That Perfect Outdoor-Indoor Space.

After taking accurate measurements and photos of your home, we can then design your new deck using our design software. This can help you visualize how your new deck will look on your own home.

It makes it so much easier to imagine the new space and its dimensions with the furniture, your grill, and anything else you’d like to see, in a realistic representation.

Examples Of Our Porch Building Projects in Frederick MD.

During our visit, we can show you examples of porch building projects we have undertaken and maybe give you some ideas you hadn’t yet thought of or considered.

Choose Your Deck Building Materials

As you can see from the picture above, there are many materials to choose from.

Some composite materials have the look of wood, and have the benefit of requiring little maintenance while, at the same time, offering a longer life-span.

Trex is one such manufacturer, although there are others of course, such as Azek and Timbertech, for instance.

If you are yet undecided on a preferred material, we can bring various examples to show you. Sometime the style of your porch can suggest a suitable  or more appropriate material.

Spacious porch in Frederick MD

Experienced Deck Contractor In Frederick.

Our 20-years of experience building homes and sunrooms has given us the insight to understand the importance of creating attractive outdoor spaces like porches and decks. We also have the knowledge and experience that many handyman businesses might not have. That is not to suggest, they are not skilled in repair and maintenance. Construction, for the inexperienced, is a different matter.

So, if you’re looking for a porch builder in Frederick, or indeed a contractor for your sunroom, give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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Spacious porch in Frederick MD

Looking For Porch Design Ideas In Frederick?

Do you want to build a porch on your Frederick home? Frederick Decks and Porches is a part of Merson Builders in Frederick MD. We have extensive experience building all kinds of homes and additions.

As you will notice, we are more than just a porch and deck builder. We are available to listen to your ideas and come up with a plan for your porch or sunroom.

We can help you find the right solution for your budget. We are here to help you realize your dream of a brand new porch.

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