Popular Deck Types in Frederick MD

The Attached Deck

Probably the most well-known of the deck types, attached decks are similar to patios except they are made from wood or composite decking materials as opposed to stone, brick or concrete etc.

They also have a slightly raised surface, unlike a concrete or stone patio. Attached decks suit practically any shape of house.

A deck could be used as a walkway between the exterior doors and both interior parts of an L-shaped house. A deck can also provide additional living space, an outdoor living space.

The deck could be covered with a roof or an overhead canopy to provide shade. This would make it more useful and part of the home’s living space.

Detached Deck – Floating or Island

A detached deck is the opposite of an attached deck. It can be placed anywhere on a property, but should still be easily accessible via steps or a path. It can be placed on its own, almost like an island.

A detached deck can be built above any other structure, unlike a concrete patio that must be placed on a flat, level surface.

In fact, an uneven landscape area is the ideal opportunity to build this type of deck as it can provide a usable level space where none previously existed.

A peninsula-style deck can also be a detached deck type. It connects a house or patio to a detached deck via a wood or composite decking walkway.

Wraparound Deck Types

A wraparound deck does not have to look like the old-fashioned porch. It can be open and  more spacious.

Wraparound decks are slightly higher than a traditional porch and of all the deck types, can offer the most expansive opportunities to any home by provide new vistas.

Wraparound decks enable you to follow the sun, shade or both – whatever you choose for longer periods of the day or evening.

They also greatly increase the living area of your home. You may choose to cover one section and leave the other open.

They also help with the air circulation in your home when you have access to it.

Outdoor Dining and Entertaining on Your Deck

The dining deck is an extension of the kitchen and dining room. It can include a counter, bar, grill, counter, food-prep area, and an outdoor dining space.

You can make this deck as simple or as elaborate as you like, depending on your space and budget.

It’s a good idea to place your outdoor kitchen near your indoor kitchen, even if you don’t plan on building one. This will help with things like plumbing, gas and electricity. Things to consider when planning your outdoor dining area or kitchen deck.

Safety things to note – City codes will specify where things like the grill etc. should be located in relation to the roof and the house. 

For easy cleanup, a sink is more convenient useful than you might imagine. Include on, if possible.

Where will the outdoor dining set be stored? Will it be permanently set up or will it require some kind of neat storage place?

Multi-Level Deck Types

Possibly the most dramatic of the type of decks, multilevel decks are the best option for large properties or those that have varying elevations.

Multilevels refer to a series of decks that are on different levels which are connected by steps or paths.

A multilevel deck can often be required due to uneven terrain: Slopes, hills, and rocky landscaping might not allow for anything but a wooden deck.

Where it would take a lot of effort and money to build a concrete patio, building a deck on top of a rocky or sloping area in your yard can be the perfect solution.

Side Yard Deck

An area to the side of a homes, or a side yard is often overlooked or neglected.

You may not need to use the space as a dog run, but you may also not intend to use it as a walkway from the front yard towards the back. So, why not give that space a purpose, and make it usable?

The space can be used for lounging, decking, or even a kitchen or dining room that opens onto the yard.

You can have a quiet, private getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A small deck and hot tub could be built right outside your bedroom.

For a relaxing space, add a privacy screen, container plants and music.

The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

Entrance Deck

A deck leading up to your front door or porch, may be treated as a pathway or entryway, but it can still be included in the type of decks list.

A front porch is a deck that opens onto an entryway deck. However, it’s not necessarily fully covered above the ground.

Part of the overall architectural design is the decking composite, or wooden steps and platforms. Sometimes, this type of deck will suit built-in benches and planter boxes.

The materials, shape and design of the house are complemented by the deck architecture. This makes the deck and home appear like they were constructed simultaneously, not as an afterthought.

Wooden entryway decks can range from a few connected platforms leading to the front door, up to a courtyard deck area which is basically an outdoor room that one enters before entering the house.

Rooftop Deck or Over Garage Deck

This deck type is ideal for flat roofs.

A rooftop deck or a deck on top of your garage is a great idea, but don’t rush into this project until you have some structural/engineering matters tested first. 

Considering the type of decks out there, the rooftop deck can offer fabulous views, better than ground-level decks.

Rooftop decks offer more privacy as they might not be overlooked.

This is often the best solution for urban living as physical space around the home may be limited.

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